This One Wish


Published in Tipsy Lit Magazine, Issue 2.

Photo Credit: fideliohaus

I can hear it echoing in my brain:

Tick, tick, tick, tick…

Incessantly screaming, constantly reminding

Me of what I haven’t done,

What I can’t have.

The word still rings in my ears:

No, no, no, no…

Impossible, improbable, not likely

To happen any time soon,

Just give up.

I can see it rolling down my cheeks:

Drip, drip, drip, drip…

Tears keep on falling, pain growing

Like a stab to the gut,

Worse than any labor.

The thought keeps creeping in my mind:

When, when, when, when…

I want to hold you, to scold you

For all the bad,

And praise the good.

I can feel it ripping in my gut:

Badum, badum, badum, badum…

A phantom heartbeat, a mocking sound

Filling me equally with hope,

And with despair.

The prayer whispers past my lips:

Soon, soon, soon, soon…

Beg and plead, on my knees

Asking God to grant me,

This one wish.


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