A Kiss Goodnight


Photo Credit: Cold Cavern

I dream about you sometimes –

That last day I saw you.

There I am, wrapped in my mother’s arms,

Wondering why everyone is crying –

Why it’s so quiet

When all I want to do is play.

I wipe away the drops on my face;

Not from the tears,

But from the rain.

I am restless when I see you

Napping on a bed in the middle of the room.

Your friend is there, sitting stoically

In the chair at your feet.

His black hands grasping your tattered

High tops like they’re the biggest treasure.

His sad eyes watching me,

Restless in my mother’s arms

Desperate to reach you.

I have brought you a present.

I wait for you to wake up and smile

At the yellow daffodils I brought you.

You always smile at my presents.

The stems make my hands sticky

As I clutch them in my tiny fists.

Momma stops by your bed,

Choking back tears that won’t stop.

I don’t understand, but I am happy to see you.

I lay the daffodils on your hands

So you will find them when you wake up.

Leaning down, I give you butterfly kisses

On your face with my long lashes that

Are so like the ones fanned across your cheeks.

I whisper in your ear before Momma pulls me away.

“Goodnight, Daddy.”


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