The Prophecy


The sticky humidity clung to her like a warm, wet blanket coupled beautifully with the cool, spring breeze dancing along her skin causing goose flesh to rise as though in applause. Even with the promise of rain on the horizon, the day was beautiful, one for the books. But, none of that mattered.

Brianne could still hear the quiet snickering of her classmates as Lady Sorte read her prophecy in the tea leaves. She gingerly wiped away her frustrating tears as the memory replays in her head.


“Class, settle down. I know you have all been waiting eagerly for this day. The prophecies are a vital part of placing each of you in the best line for your future, and for the future of the Kingdom. To make things fair, I have placed each of your names in this bowl and will call you up individually. Please be patient, and be kind. The telling of the prophecy is a sacred ritual and cannot be interrupted.”

Brianne sat patiently as the names of her fellow mates were called. Wilke was to join the Guard and become a great warrior. Her old friend Sarahn beamed as she was told she’d become a midwife for the royal family. On and on names were called. Finally, it was Brianne’s turn. Nervously, she stepped forward, bowing in front of Lady Sorte.

“My… Oh, my! Surely there is some mistake!” Brianne’s breath hitched at the words, her eyes saucers as she stared into the leaves trying to envision what it was that had Lady Sorte all out of sorts.

“Please, Lady Sorte. What is wrong?”

“Well, my dear. It seems as though you’re…. to fall in love….” Brianne sighed, sinking deep in relief. “…with a human.”

What?” Brianne whispered, unable to raise her voice any higher, trepidation sitting heavily on her tongue.

“Yes. It seems as though your relationship with this… human… is to be a pivotal point in the Fae Kingdom. You, my dear, are meant to change history.” Lady Sorte looked on with tenderness, but Brianne couldn’t miss the hint of fear in her charcoal eyes. Unable to stand the silence, she ran.


Brianne sat with her back against the tree, the bark biting into her flesh. How could this be true? How could she ever love something as revolting as a human? Their skin waxy with the layers of pollutants; their breath rank with the smell of desiccated flesh of the poor animal carcasses they feasted upon. How could she ever love something so vile?

Brianne shot up, fully alert at the snapping of a twig behind her. In her state, she had forgotten the rules of going beyond the boundaries of Kingdom without the protection of the Guard. She stood, silent and immobile, fear coursing through her veins. Behind her, the world moved. A voice called from the trees.

“Don’t be frightened. Please. My name is Alec. What’s yours?”

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