I woke up this morning with a surreal urge to BE SOMETHING. I wanted nothing more than to give the world a high five… in the face… with a chair for trying to get me to conform to what is “socially” correct. I believe I have done pretty well with my life so far, but I am so unsatisfied because I am not meeting all the milestones that have been set out in front of me by people who have no idea what I am like or what I want out of life. And it made me realize, I AM SOMETHING.

I know I have taken a LOOOOONNNNGGGG hiatus from writing on here, but I promise I haven’t stopped writing. What have I been doing, you ask? I’ve been writing a book. Or trying… I feel like I am a failure because I haven’t completed the story. Yet, I also do not want to rush the ending. I am dealing with an internal battle of wanting people to know my characters as I do, but I am at suck a rush to get to the exciting ending that they’re getting lost in the mix. So I have stopped to reassess. I have the story outlined. I know how it’s going to go. And it is AMAZING. But… I need to focus.

My other writing has suffered because of this. It is physically painful to not be able to finish this story. When I try to do something else, my brain begins to sizzle. SO… I have made myself a deal. I will work on the book if I promise to keep you guys updated on what’s happening.

Right now, I am looking for an editor. I don’t mean someone to spell check for me (though that will be awesome) but someone who will ask questions, tell me I’m stupid, and make suggestions from a readers perspective. One key: the editor has to have TIME. Interested?


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