A good friend of mine is in need of prayers. I am re-posting this blog post to gain some thoughts and prayers.


May 7, 2011

She goes by many names, Dee, Deanna, Dee-monkey, Dee-Bear, first little d, company d, other little d.  Diamond call’s her “De-adda”, which is also what she calls bananas…hopefully that’s just coincidence and she doesn’t actually relate the two of them.

She is the most active member of our youth group.  She is beautiful and doesn’t believe it.  She has the prettiest skin color.  She is quiet and shy.  She is stubborn and strong headed.  She is determined.  She is a fine christian example to the younger youth.  She is a senior in high school.  She is a Harry Potter fan.  She just finished the whole series for like the 50th time.

She is enlisted in the Navy.  She has painted black finger nails.  She has the voice of a Disney princess (but I would NEVER tell her that in person).  She is a volunteer at our local wild life center.  She is passionate about life.  She hates the color pink and hasn’t worn it since she was twelve.  She has faithful christian parents and grand parents.

May 7, 2011.
She went on her senior canoeing trip.  She started her day like everyone else.  She spoke to her mother while on the trip and her mother reminded her to do the little things, like reapply sunblock so her fair, already pink complexion wouldn’t burn.

She hit something and flipped over in her canoe.  She got stuck under water, between a canoe that had already sank and a fallen tree.  She was stuck in a vacum.  She was under water for over six minutes.  She medically drowned.  She had a possible cardiac arrest.  She was air lifted to the local hospital and “stabilized”.  She was transported to a bigger hospital in Little Rock.

She is laying in a hospital bed in critical condition.  She is on a respirator because her lungs aren’t strong enough sustain her life by themselves. She has a tear on the posterior part of her trachea.  She is on more than eight different I.V. medications.  She is chemically paralyzed and sedated.  She has a tube stuck in her chest to drain fluid and air. She has an additional tube in her lungs to suck out all of the river gunk she inhaled while under water. She, now has blood pressure problems.  She has a fever and they don’t know why.  She is swollen and almost unrecognizable.

Deanna is struggling to survive! Our precious little Deanna needs our constant prayers!  Please pray!  Pray and pass this story along!  Please!  She is one of us!  She belongs to our “family”.
Think of her as one of  “yours” and pray!

2 thoughts on “Deanna

  1. Kenneth Childres

    We continue to pray for Deanna’s recovery. May the Lord keep you and strengthen you all throughout this…



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