Dream of a Dream


Ok, I know this isn’t the exact prompt but it was the inspiration. Please forgive the awful punctuation because this is a draft still in works.


Dream of a Dream:

I dream of a dream that isn’t a dream

But a memory, or so it seemed –

And in this dream, that wasn’t a dream

I dreamt of times long ago.


I face a face that isn’t a face

But a race which was long displaced –

And in the face, that wasn’t a face

I faced an ancient foe.


I live a life that isn’t a life

But for nigh, I soon decide-

That this life wasn’t the life,

I lived in strife even so.


I man a man that isn’t a man

But a clone of a forsaken land –

And though the man wasn’t a man

I manned him with fitful woe.


I see a sea that isn’t a sea

But a desert of sand and flea –

And in this sea, that wasn’t a sea

I watch freedom grow.


I flock the flock that isn’t a flock

But men who were under key and lock –

And this flock that wasn’t a flock

We flocked each in a row.


We dream the dream of memories

And learned to face that ancient foe,

To have a life without strife

Where a clone of a man can go

Across the sea, in flocks to be free

In a time not so long ago



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