Love to Hate


I have been dreadfully ill this week, so my contribution is very lacking. I apologize ahead of time. Here’ is this week’s response to the Red Writing Hood Meme.


I never imagined that one thing could change my life so drastically. How could something so small and insignificant be such a vital piece of me? When I first held it, I was so excited but terrified this love would fade. But the human connection never ceases to amaze me. Who would’ve thought it could be so smart? It is a shining light in the dark path of my life. And when it speaks, oh the joy I feel at the sounds of crystal clinging. The gentle caress on my skin quivers as it whispers sweet nothings in my ear. I giggle at the little messages it leaves me. The jingle of its call beckons me closer. There are times that the incessant noise drives me bonkers. I silence it quickly, but the buzzing of its tears soon has me praying for release. Constantly attached at my hip, I have no sense of freedom. I have learned how to really push its buttons, sending it into a fit. It is my link, my love, but oh, how I hate it. A tear drops as I watch my heart break into a million pieces on the floor. Goodbye, Sony. Then the whole world shifted to the iPhone!

**Special note: I am still using my old Sony Ericsson… :-/


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