What is a dream…


What is a dream but the mirror to your subconscious?

If this is the case, someone needs to get a doctor because my subconscious is telling me I’m messed up!!!

First, let me explain. I don’t dream. *Read: I don’t sleep long enough to dream.* When I do dream, it is usually something believable. (Except for the time I took Unisom and dreamed about “dog-fishing”… but that’s another story.) My dreams are usually a premonition of sorts, a run through of the day ahead.

I also have something called lucid dreams, dreams where I know I am dreaming and change things within the dream.

But last night’s dream was nothing like my normal dreams. Here’s the run-down:

My mother and father had bought a house for Ken and I. It was phenomenal! Beautiful Victorian designs everywhere. Dark mahogany, furniture that ran floor to ceiling… And the best part, an office w/ THOUSANDS of TVs of different sizes hooked up to different satellites, computers, etc. It was my heaven!

All of this was wonderful. Except the fact that hookers kept popping up out of nowhere trying to seduce my husband. They wouldn’t leave! Now, what good is a house if it is undergoing a hooker invasion? (Guys, don’t answer that. :P)

I bet you are all questioning my sanity right about now… That’s ok. I am too. Now… does anyone have the number to a hooker exterminator so I can enjoy my dream house? 😉


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