Danger of Hope


Alec hid behind the door frozen in fear. Biting the insides of his cheeks to keep from screaming, he could taste the metallic tinge as blood trickled down the back of his tongue. Cold sweat clung to his pale skin like the unforgiving embrace of a betrayed lover. “Danger of Hope,” the script he was currently writing, flashed through his mind. Even in his fearful state, Alec remembered this scene. “Finish him,” the last words his protagonist’s son would hear. Gasps would be heard throughout the theater as the shot fired, ending the boy’s life in exchange for the life of his father. Has he come to face the same fate as the boy? Interrupting his thoughts, Alec screamed in agony as the bullet ripped through the shin on his left leg. Justice, he thought as he fell to the ground gripping the shattered bone. Killing him would be the last pleasure she’d take in avenging her sister’s death. Lying in his own blood, Alec knew he would die for his brother’s mistake.

Mandy, please, you’re better than this. No one has to die.” Ominous, Mandy stepped closer and dropped to a knee, bringing her eye level with her victim.

Pray, tell me then Alec; how should I settle the score?” Qualms about what she was to do were undetectable. Relishing in her newfound power, Mandy took her time with her carnage pleasures.

Stop, please stop!” Talking became nearly impossible as Alec lost more and more blood. Unquestionable pain flowed through every nerve ending in his frail, sliced body. Very soon, Mandy would have to give in and allow him to die; he had to know one thing before that happened.

Why now, after all these years?”

Xanax only goes so far, love.” Yearning for the pain to stop, Alec whimpered. Zeal filled Mandy’s face as she plunged the final blow into his heart.

**This story was in response to The Red Writing Hood Meme in this post.**


7 thoughts on “Danger of Hope

  1. I love how quick and brutal this piece was from the prose to Mandy’s actions. I certainly wanted to know what had happened between Alec’s brother and Mandy’s sister, nothing like leaving us wanting more!


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