Rant on Life


Life follows the same path for everyone. We don’t realize it because we are too busy focusing on the little details that we don’t get to enjoy the big picture. Maybe it is supposed to be like this. But, maybe, just maybe, we’re supposed to open our eyes and take a look around us. We all begin our lives the same way. Naked, cold, confused, scared. But none of us begin our lives alone. Even if it is for the briefest moment, we are with someone. It goes against human nature to be alone. As we grow, each of us is faced with some sort of a decision that is very difficult for us, some more so than others. It is in that decision that we set our fate for the rest of our lives. Are we destined to make decisions rashly, acting without thinking in hopes that everything goes as planned? Or are we to analyze everything to the point that any decision is too late? Or do we sit back and let others decide our fate for us? Our choices teach us about ourselves. But, if we pay attention, it also teaches us about the world. We live our lives the way we love. If we love passionately, we live to paint our world red. If we love tenderly, we live our lives to be a comfort to others, removing as much hurt and illness and hate from their lives as possible. It is when we love carelessly that we truly suffer. We learn to be careful with our hearts. What we don’t always learn is to love everyone. Love freely. When we allow ourselves to hate, we give that person a power over us that we never regain. Love everyone. And when they hurt us, forgive them. And forgive ourselves. This gives us a sense of freedom that many of us will never know. If we do not hate, and we have no grudges, then we have no burdens. Our hearts, our minds, and our spirits are free to make other decisions without regret. We can decide to be better, to live better, for ourselves and for others. When we live like this, we become comfortable with ourselves. The only time we are ever truly alone is in death. If we live without regret, love without restraint, and forgive without resolve, we can die without suffering.



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