by any other name


I woke up this morning to a thought running over and over in my head. Am I the same person I was yesterday? The thought intrigued me. Am I? If I am, why did I not spend yesterday trying to change? To make myself better? If I am not, what is different? What caused the change? If I relived yesterday, would I be the same today as I am now?

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

I believe everyone concerns themselves with self-image at one point or another in a day. We wonder who we are, how others see us, how we see ourselves. Are we too fat? Too skinny? Too tall? Too short? Are we going to go bald at 21 like Uncle Albert? Will we be as wrinkly as Grandma Pearl by the time we’re 50? We obsess so much about who we are and how others see us that we miss the point… That it doesn’t matter. We are who we are. Our decisions are what make us. The point is to LIVE life, not change it.

I end this post by asking an even more important question: Are you happy? Well?


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