Black… like being dropped into a vat of ink. My lungs screamed at me. The pressure built as I sank. My ears were hypersensitive. I could hear my own pulse. It took me a moment to discern the separate heart beats. Everything moved slowly though I begged God to make it faster. Death was an easy notion when compared to this pain. I screamed, out loud this time. No sound escaped. My mouth was flooded. In this state of mind, I could taste each grain of salt. My movements slowed – further still. My eyes drooped. It was cold. I felt as if thousands of needles pricked every inch of my body. I shuddered. The muscles in my legs and arms cramped involuntarily. The pain was intense. I let go of everything. Why fight it any longer?

A beam broke through the utter darkness. Alertness hit my body like a ton of bricks. I knew which way to look; I knew which way was up. This newfound sense of direction sent another surge of adrenaline through my system. Death was a distant thought now. My pulse sped as I willed my legs to kick into over drive. More beams shot around me as I closed in on the surface. This abyss would hold me no longer. I was free. I was going home. At last, my fingers grasped nothing but air.



6 thoughts on “Abyss

  1. mommylebron

    Wow, you managed to pack so much power into that short piece! I too have a fear of drowning and you capture it perfectly.


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