A Beautiful Day


The noise and bustle fills her ears. The strong gait of the patrolman’s horses. Gleeful giggles of the children at play. Laughter lifts in the air to meet the loving chitter-chatter of the baby birds calling to their mothers. Cyclists whisk by, tires whirling, bells ringing. The heat of the sun’s beams warms the backs of all the passersby. Some walk past without as much as a second glance. Others stare, pitying her for not being able to enjoy this beautiful day. She smiles, knowing their thoughts. She sees the irony. They see more than she does, sure, but she can FEEL. She listens as they rush past, late for their next big moment. Sure, they see, but she sees too. She sees what they take for granted. She sees THIS moment, while all they do is wait for the next big thing. The sun smiles down on her cotton filled eyes. It is a beautiful day.


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