My Beastly Foe


Into the world I did stroll

And much to my surprise,

The path on which I did bestow

Fell short of my demise!

A figure of the beastly sort,

Much to my disdain,

Stood, alas, without retort

And there it would remain.

“Be gone, you Beast!” I shout in haste

To which it did but smile.

Fear did strike and I could taste

Even a bit of bile.

Whence I did not tarry

And inched around the line –

Though my adversary

Matched these steps of mine.

Ah, but then my fear did fade

As I looked into its eyes.

Scarlet seas my vision made

And my hate began to rise.

An eerie calm passed o’er me

When I did take in

The solid mass that was the beast

Though, I would not give in.

A challenge to my beastly foe,

I led this wicked dance.

The jester did not me woe

For the beast matched each stance.

Tiring quickly of this furor

The beast charged with durst.

A test which I could not ignore

I met the beast headfirst.

Chest to chest we stood,

Neither gazes faltering.

Naught was misunderstood.

Our way was not altering.

As I glared into its eyes

I saw a flicker of doubt.

No matter what it devised

I would stand, devout.

Confusion hit as I stared

Into his approving gaze.

A truce was what it declared

And bowed down with praise.

My head held high, I walked on past –

A victory I had seized.

Needless to say it would not be last;

But, for now, I was pleased.



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