Moonlit Lullaby


Moonlight whispers in my ear

A sweet lullaby you cannot hear.

Cool is its breath upon my face

Enveloped am I in its warm embrace.

It draws me in like the midnight tide

And fills my soul up deep inside.

It tangles and weaves through my hair,

Whipping and whirling with gustoes of air!

As I watch the pale lit fires,

I long to fulfill its sullen desires.

Entranced by the soft light’s beam,

I flow with the melody of moonlit streams.

Home is a place long forgotten –

In likes of a child misbegotten.

Day is a time I dare not seek.

The sun’s light leaves me mortal and meek.

Before the sun’s fortune and power

The crestfallen moon does cower.

For all eternity shall I wait?

The setting sun does me elate!

When the moon does defy the sky,

I hear again my sweet lullaby.

A soft-spoken secret I cannot miss –

More sweet to me than a first kiss.

Told only to those whose ears they lend.

Listen now as the song transcends…

Sing, dear moon, without respite!

And hold me close through the night.



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