Wasting Time


**Every now and again, we face a moment of pure, unadulterated jealousy. When we’re painted green with envy, we often find ourselves lashing out to those we love.

This post is inspired by the Red Dress Club’s Prompt on jealousy. Enjoy.**

Green Eyed Monster

I laugh at your conundrum

As you wipe away your spit

My poor mind is aching

From your lack of wit

I call upon my muse

With a quick quip of the tongue

The best in my arsenal

Over your head has flung

I wait a moment still

For the light bulb to switch

Confusion fills your face

You really should dig a ditch

I weave my wicked web

With wonders oh so gritty

You walk past with not a glance

It really is a pity

I waste much of my time

On the likes of you

But since you’re the only one here

There’s not much else to do


4 thoughts on “Wasting Time

  1. Oh, this was a fun read!! I always read poetry out loud and this one just trips…I’m not sure WHO it trips but it does. The tone of this poem is so perfect for the prompt.

    There’s so much to like about this one. It’s darkness with a smile and combined with your picture…this one gets five stars from me:~)


  2. Hey Sara! Thanks for the comment. Anywhere in particular this one is tripping you up? I may go back and edit a couple lines to make it smoother.

    Can’t you just see this though? So many different images pass through my head, but the facial expressions just make me smile. Boredom, annoyance, superiority, and finally giving up. 🙂 So much fun!


  3. For some reason it reminds me of those films that feature rich boys and girls who go around destroying other people’s lives. (I forget those titles.) Very good!


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